About Crossways Travel Studio

As I look back at some School Yearbooks something caught my eye- What do you want to do one day, after school? ‘ I want to travel the world.’

At the age of 15 I never knew that this answer in my yearbook, would become my passion in life, and a career I love.

October 2000 I started Crossways Travel, and never looked back. The last 18 Years I have traveled extensively and love exploring, learning new cultures and making new friends along the way.

People always ask me what is my favourite destination? This I cannot answer as each destination has something special to offer. However, I have fond memories of each of the 34 Countries visited.

Today I am extremely excited about the new travel ventures for 2019. Crossways Travel is defnitely going places and I am excited and positive about the future of this beautiful country, South Africa.