On arrival to one of the most beautiful Lodges in South Africa, we were spoilt to magnificent views and trembling wildlife. We knew we were in paradise!

After getting greeted by the friendly staff at Rhino River Lodge, we were spoilt by receiving an upgrade to the ever so cosy Homestead which consist of 3 Bedrooms – 2 of them en-suite with your own private plunge pool . It was an absolute haven for a relaxing getaway.

On the day of arrival, we wasted no time by hopping on a game drive through the Northern Natal Wilderness, it is to this day the best game drive we have ever experienced. Whilst on the incredible adventure we paced through a pride of Lions, beautiful bird watching and many adrenalin sightings.

Half way through our game drive we were charged by a massive group of elephants who were clearly curious as to see why we were bantering through their land, it was extremely nerve wrecking yet one of the greatest experiences of life. The game drive then moved onto a group of Lions chasing after a Warthog and climbing tree’s to find their next prey.

We were then treated to a lovely dinner under the moonlight with great weather and an African Sky aroma. The pure blissful feeling of being in the bush. The sound of nature surrounding you with a warm breeze and delicious traditionally prepared food.

The next day we saw Wild dogs which you rarely see because they have become an endangered species. A day spent relaxing by our own private plunge pool with animal sightings and great company. We then concluded the next day with a delicious breakfast and warm friendly good byes.

We cant wait to visit Rhino River Lodge again and experience yet another breath taking weekend! Thank you to the wonderful team for your brilliant hospitality.

Do you want to make Rhino River Lodge you next adventure? Contact us for more details here. Take you whole family for the adventure, kiddie friendly!